Eliminate commission fees and increase your earnings

Online ordering platforms like Just eat and the flipdish portal may seem convenient, but platforms like those come with a cost. Each transaction comes with a demand for commission charge. And don’t forget the added expenses of service and delivery fees that customers are required to pay directly through the platform. Additionally, be prepared for the pre payment of monthly charges and have your money transferred to you once a month.

At Restajet, you get your money right in your bank account!

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Stay ahead of your competitors!

Looking to save yourself some money and hassle? Consider switching from third-party services to RestaJet. Our online ordering software offers many conveniences for your takeaway at a lower price, and we have no commissions! We are confident that our platform will help grow your business by giving you more time to focus on what matters most: your visitors!

Unlock the potential of your business with a custom online ordering mobile app and website. Grow your company.

Our team designs and develops a personalized mobile application and website tailored to your online orders, customer loyalty, and marketing needs. By incorporating your logo and brand colours, you can easily adapt it to align with your brand identity.

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Say goodbye to staff shortages and welcome an influx of more customers by implementing table ordering in your service.

Grow your business operations by enhancing customer experiences with table ordering system on our cutting-edge site and mobile app. Manage your order and payment service easily, allowing clients to browse, purchase, and make payments without needing staff interaction. This improves staff efficiency, reduces wait times and increases order value for your business.

We concentrate on implementing technology solutions that deliver measurable results.

Our online ordering system services are designed to simplify our clients’ operations, enhance their profitability and boost their revenue.

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Simplify your business operations with integrated systems.

Restajet is a tool that helps a restaurant run smoothly. Our platform can be quickly integrated with point-of-sale, payment and delivery solutions. This makes it very helpful for restaurants that want to make things easier for themselves and their customers. With Restajet, restaurants can accept payments from apps like Apple Pay or Stripe and even work with delivery services. This means customers can order and pay for their meals online, which makes things faster and more profitable for the restaurant, all thanks to Restajet’s integration capabilities.

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Online Orders

Make it easy for your customer to make online orders on your app and website, where they can access a range of information about your restaurant like current promotions, discounts, menu items and pricing. Make it simple for them to pay, and by removing them from services like just eat while you boost your revenues, you may assist them in saving money.

We don’t just provide software; our team is dedicated to ensuring your long-term success.

At Restajet, we see each customer as a valuable partner in helping our product reach its full potential. Our customers provide valuable feedback and insight that helps our team improve and provide better service. We are dedicated to continuously enhancing our service to ensure our customers’ long-term satisfaction.

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Takeaway Software

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Platform orders

Our platform offers an efficient online ordering system for mobile apps and website, making it easy for customers to place orders. With our platform, customers can order their meals from anywhere, at any time and have them delivered to their door or ready for pickup.

Our online ordering system is user-friendly and allows for easy customization of menu items, making it the perfect solution for any business looking to increase their takeaway orders.

The perfect tools to grow your business.


Tools to Grow your business

Our online ordering system offers powerful digital marketing tools like push notifications to help you grow your business. With our platform, you can easily create and launch targeted discounts and promotions to attract new customers and increase sales.

You can also set up retention campaigns to keep your customers coming back. The loyalty programmes feature allows you to reward your most frequent customers, encouraging repeat business. Utilizing these marketing tools allows you to stay ahead of the competition and continue improving your business.

With the ability to track and analyze customer data, you can make data-driven decisions to improve your marketing strategies.

Our online ordering system provides the necessary tools to plan a digital marketing strategy that will help you reach and retain more customers by increasing customer loyalty.

If you’d like a more comprehensive Digital marketing strategy to stay ahead of your competitors, try Quarx Digital!
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Easy-to-use online ordering system

We thought about everyone! We created a user-friendly online ordering system that doesn’t require a lot of technical know-how for you or your visitors.

A seamless website and app experience focused on turning your visitors into customers!

An easy-to-use system for you!

You could save on high costs by receiving direct orders through your own online ordering system.

With a professional online ordering system;

You don’t have to worry about a middleman taking a cut of your profits.

It will allow you to eliminate your dependency on third-party platforms making your brand strong individually.

It is highly recommended to have your own web site and app.

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Ordering is swift, reliable, and simple with our system.

With the help of our online panel, increase average order values, shorten wait times and improve your takeaway restaurant’s customer satisfaction and loyalty.


An online ordering solution can benefit your business in numerous ways. It can help you attract loyal customers by providing them with a user-friendly platform to place orders online, as well as the option to earn loyalty points. With the ability to accept online payments, you can save money on transaction fees and reduce the risk of fraudulent activity. By integrating an ordering page into your own website or using a website builder, you can provide customers with a seamless ordering experience. Additionally, an online ordering system can provide you with valuable insights into your customers’ behaviour and order values, allowing you to optimise your sales systems and improve customer service. QR codes can also be integrated into your ordering platform to enable quick and easy access to your ordering page.

Epos Systems

What is online food ordering system?
An online food ordering service lets customers order meals directly from the restaurant’s app or web sites without the need for third-party food delivery services like Just eat & FoodHub.

What are the four types of ordering systems?

1-Manual ordering systems where customers call or talk to a person to place their order.

2-Electronic ordering systems are machines or apps where visitors can place their own orders.

3- Online ordering systems are websites or apps where customers can place their orders. Manage your businesses with Restajet!

4- Automated ordering systems are computer systems that take orders with little human help using unique technology.

What model is best for online food ordering systems?
There are many ways for restaurants to start selling online.

1- Through a website, where you can manage incoming orders, process payments, and deliver the takeaway order yourself.

2- Through third-party delivery services, like Grubhub or Uber Eats. These services take orders from people and deliver the meal themselves, but the restaurant has to share its earnings with them.

3- Some models combine both of these ways. The best way to get online sales depends on what the restaurant wants to achieve and the available resources.

How do I set up an online food ordering system?
Setting up an online restaurant order system can be a several-step process that involves:

1-Deciding which model is best for your takeaway or restaurant: Manage everything yourself, using a third-party platform or a combination of both.

2-Creating a website or mobile app,

3-Building necessary features like a menu, shopping cart, pay options and order management

4-Connecting it to your existing systems

5-Telling your customers about the new service through marketing channels

6-Continuously improving the system over time. It may require technical skills, so you may need a developer to help you.

How do you set up a takeaway UK?
Setting up a takeaway business in the UK may involve the following steps:

1- Research the market and competition

2- Form a complete business plan and secure funding

3- Obtain necessary licenses and permits

4- Find a location and set up the kitchen and equipment

5- Create a menu and pricing strategy

6- Build a website and social media presence

7- Implement a range of systems to track orders, inventory, and sales

8- Test the business model

9- Launch and promote the business

It’s essential to check with local authorities regarding regulations and requirements.