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SambaPOS is the ultimate restaurant POS software. Advanced features provide you with the means to serve your valued customers in a practical, productive manner, all the while collecting data that can be used to make important business decisions.

General Software, under the Genresman Brand, has been serving in the Hospitality Industry since 2001. Genresman is developed with the leading companies in the sector with the contribution of valuable and experienced officials, who has served to the service, the Food / Beverage Sector. The main target group in this very wide sector is Restaurant, Cafe, Patisserie, Baklava, Doner Kebab, Steak House, Social Facilities, Buffets, School-Hospital-Classrooms, etc., Canteen and Buffet, Game Halls, Saunas, Recreation Facilities.

Call us for the best digital marketing infrastructures which enhanced with powerful integrations for you in and around Switzerland. As a start, we can provide free, on-site consultation. We offer more affordable price options with special versions. With over 15 years of software experience, we have been a close follower of every developing internet technology. We provide 360 degree internet services to meet the online promotion and marketing needs of companies in the latest and sustainable manner.

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RestaJet community is growing in 4 continents, it is easy to become a partner and start your own business wherever you are. Join RestaJet partner program and make money reselling RestaJet, providing software and your own consulting and implementation services. Enjoy becoming an entrepreneur and be your own boss.