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RestaJet to Revel Systems Integration

Seamless and smart orders at your disposal! 

RestaJet integrates with your Revel POS and enables you to track and manage your orders from one dashboard.


  • You do not need to update your menu on each platform! With RestaJet all you need to do is sync your menu every time you change it on your Revel system.
  • Revel menu options can be customised for online ordering only! Restajet integration allows you to display different options specific to online ordering.


  • Your promotions on your Revel system can also be transferred to your RestaJet Online ordering system!

Table Ordering

  • You can easily import your table orders from your Revel system just by enabling table ordering on your RestaJet dashboard and syncing your system with RestaJet!


  • All your orders can be managed from Revel. You can track your sales, inventory and total order history all from Revel.
  • You can update all your orders on online ordering and table orders all from Revel! Your addition to any non paid open tabs will be reflected to Revel so that you can easily add extra items to orders!

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